Healthier Communities is a ‘not-for-profit’ Foundation set up by the community for the community.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to fund, facilitate, implement, conduct and operate projects and enterprises that recognise and exercise our natural unalienable rights for sustenance and helping our fellow man….. HELPING as we see fit by giving back to the community and maintaining the ‘Natural Innate Status’ of humankind, the arts, sciences, health and true learning, the social and environmentally sustainable self sufficiency of human kind, and further positive development of custodians and humanity as a whole by means of raising the collective awareness.

This Foundation, when implementing its purposes, will work in harmony with other associated Foundations, communities and entities.
The Foundation will provide training related to its activities and entities, through like-minded and open-hearted people. In particular, the purpose of the Foundation includes:
To give people a platform to network, share information, educate, unite and raise awareness to help create and build in alignment with nature and the universe…. a better healthier world that is loving, kind, compassionate and sustainable as nature intended.

To encourage, promote, foster and support the benevolent cooperation and connection between humanity through means of eliminating competition and conflict in all its forms, so encouraging oneness, balance, unity, peace, harmony and unconditional love.

Economic modification will come about when people realise and honour and value their own innate nature and that of others. To encourage, promote, foster and support existing and new technologies that are sustainable in the environment of the earth.

The Foundation’s purpose applies equally to all humanity irrespective of color, caste, nationality, creed, sect, religion or gender.

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